Requesting flexible working from day one of employment

The government is proposing to give all employees the right to request flexible working, the plan would allow all UK employees to request a flexible working arrangement from their first day at a new employer.

Trades Union Congress general secretary Frances O'Grady said that flexible working "should be a right" to everyone from their first day in the job, and with flexible working being a right, a failsafe internet connection isn’t a luxury, it's a necessity.


The 'Zoom Boom'

Many workplaces are adopting a hybrid working model, where a ‘combination of physical and digital meetings will become the new normal’, which is why it is so important to have the same level of internet connectivity as you would in the office at home.

For businesses who rely on travel, Zoom and Teams calls are essential to allow for smooth flowing work productivity, and meetings that would once take hours of unnecessary chatter are now much shorter and to the point.


Virtual meetings are here to stay!

8.4 million people worked from at home at some point during the pandemic, and with many continuing to have a hybrid of remote-office work, having reliable internet at home is crucial.

InTouch Systems have introduced Unbreakable Internet, a failsafe internet solution which is perfect for those who need a reliable internet connection that can keep up with demands of working from home. Our router has a built in 4G SIM, so when your connection is down or intermittent, the 4G connection seamlessly kicks in. With no wait times, and no fussing with dongles, InTouch Systems Unbreakable Internet has got you covered!


"After having to leave the the office and work from home at the beginning of the pandemic, I have had to make vital business meetings to partners across the world. I work for an assest management company, and usually fly out to meet partners however, travel has not been possible, and by having unbreakable internet, I am able to stay connected and not buffer or lag when attending my teams meetings." - M Hubbard

"I run my own business from home, and as my business has expanded, so has my network. I am now often on teams meetings with partners, running my business online, all while my family are online at the same time. Therefore, it is very important that I have a good internet connection, for work, and personal life. Unbreakable internet has made this process easy for me." - C Russell