A recent article from the BBC comments on the use of Zoom during the lockdowns, calling it the ‘Zoom Boom’, and how it is here to stay!

Chief analyst at CCS insight spoke about how Zoom and Team calls have been adopted into many people’s everyday work life, and even with the relaxation of restrictions, working from home will continue, highlighting the need for an Unbreakable Internet solution.

For businesses who rely on travel, Zoom and Teams calls are essential to allow for smooth flowing work productivity, and meetings that would once take hours of unnecessary chatter are now much shorter and to the point.


Many workplaces are adopting a hybrid working model, where a ‘combination of physical and digital meetings will become the new normal’, which is why it is so important to have the same level of internet connectivity as you would in the office at home.
Happy African businessman making video call to family using laptop during coffee break in office, copy space