Mixed race woman in glasses working with multiple electronic internet devices. Freelancer businesswoman has tablet and smartphone in hands and laptop on table with charts on screen. Multitasking and telecommuting theme.

8.4 million people have worked from home at some point during the pandemic, and although things are returning to normal, working from home is set to remain. The pandemic has normalised remote work, leaving many people wanting a hybrid mix of remote-office work.

More than ever, reliable broadband is needed in order to carry out virtual meetings, keep up with day-to-day tasks, and maintain relationships that keep us engaged and productive at work and home. It all depends on a failsafe internet connection! Therefore, InTouch Systems have introduced Unbreakable Internet, the perfect solution for those who need a reliable internet connection that keeps up with demand.

With the Unbreakable Internet service, we have introduced a router with a built in 4G SIM. If your connection is down or intermittent, the backup 4G connection kicks in and you are seamlessly transferred. The smooth and instant cross-over allows you to continue being online without interruption, you won’t even realise you have switched over.

What other companies may promise as instant, can take up to three minutes to get you back online! InTouch Systems’ unbreakable internet has you covered! With no wait time and no fussing around with dongles, you can get back to what really matters.